Resident Top Psychic Medium and Astrologer/Palm reader

Skype Readings available: Skype name esther.neagle1


Our services at a glance:

  • Medium readings - £40

  • Tarot Readings - £40

  • Telephone Readings (Astrology, Tarot, Oracle - from £40

  • Email Readings (Tarot, Oracle) - £40

  • Medium Readings at your home - £45 

  • Tarot Readings at your home - £45

  • Psychometry Readings - £40

  • Group Readings - £40 per hour (in-house)

  • Group Readings (outside visits) - £45 per hour

  • Hen Parties - £40 per hour

  • Hen Parties, outside visits - £45per hour

  • Events Multiple Readings - £45 per hour

  • Spiritual Healing - £35

  • Spiritual Healing (outside visits) - £45

  • Animal Healing (ask for details)

  • Reiki Healing - £35

  • Astrology - £65

  • Palmistry - £35

  • Upcoming Courses in Astrology/Palmistry, Psychic awareness, Reiki healing. (Please ring for more info)

Need an individual consultation?

Simply call us on 0117 9304464 or use our contact form.

As a team, our resident Psychics, Mediums and Astrologer are here as Life Inspirers, to help empower you on your life journey.

1 to 1 Readings available;


          Resident Clairvoyant, Medium & Psychic

            Single Readings  - £60 

             Tarot Readings  -  £40 

        Half Hour Reading-£30

If you have a reading for the 6 months ahead, you can have mini readings during that 6 month period providing they are single question/answer readings (questions that have not been asked before) this includes a CD recording of the reading for you to take home.

Pyschic, Medium, Clairvoyant. Uses her Tarot cards to connect to her Clairvoyance and Mediumship skills, she works with Angel cards and she is also our spiritual healer. Esther will be offering courses on Pyschic awareness.

Telephone Readings;

To book a Telephone reading please call 0117 9294805


Esther - Phychic, Clairvoyance, Tarot


Serena - Astrology, Horoscope 


Credit/Debit Card payments accepted over the phone

Emergency appointments are available between 10.00 am - 8.00 pm



psychic reading
40.00 GBP
( VAT and shipping costs not included )

Clairvoyant and medium of many years experience offers one on one readings, or phone readings.



Our homes can be filled with negative energy through our emotions.


Negative energy can cause an imbalance within yourself which has a knock on effect in your home,

such as:  

  • blocks in your creative field
  • financial worries
  • family concerns
  • pet concerns
  • problems with selling your home etc

This is where Mediums such as Esther will give you a consultation then arrange to visit your house where she would Spirit Cleanse your home.

Aftercare advise will be prescribed to you in order to continue positive energy.

from £120

Allow up to 2 hours for the consultation and up to 2 hours for the home visit 



"Let us help guide you on your life path and assist you in finding your way through difficult times"


 *Gift vouchers on any of the above available on request




Your care in our hands