Men's Body Grooming


It's not just the ladies who care about how they look and feel about themselves, we believe in affording some 'you time' for the guys too with our top grooming services



Body Grooming For Men


Swedish Massage - £50 (1 hour)

Deep tissue full body massage - £70 (1 hour 30 mins)

Aromatherapy massage - £50 (1 hour)
Remedial - £50 (1 hour) (Specific Areas)

Indian Head Massage - £30 (30mins)

Reflexology - £40 (1 hour)

Facial cleanse, exfoliate & massage - £25 (25mins)




Luxury Pamper Package For Men - £40

Face cleanse, exfoliate and face massage with one hair removal of your choice, or with a foot or a hand treatment. (approx 1 hour)

*Wellbeing for men


Hair Removal


Eyebrow - £5 (10mins)

Half Leg - £15 (15mins)

Full Leg - £20 (60mins)

Chest - £30 (30 mins)

Chest and Back - £40  (45mins)

Back - £20 (15mins)

Hollywood - £50 (60mins)

Brazilian - £40 (45mins)

Tummy - £15 (15mins)

Buttocks - £30 (30mins)
Full Body Wax - £200 (3-4hours)


We have a Waxing specialist who is available for any hair removal to make you feel at ease when having your treatment, this will be done quickly and professionally. 

hair removal
( VAT and shipping costs not included )

Hair removal by using warm or hot wax,

*Feel amazing about yourself!


Advanced Waxing



Brazilian - £30 (30mins)

Hollywood - £35 (45mins)

Men's Grooming
( VAT and shipping costs not included )

Men's Grooming

Grooming Options



*Gift vouchers on any of our services available on request 




Your care in our hands

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