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Our focus is your well-being and good health. You can depend on our highly-trained staff and our extensive experience


Meet the Team



Experienced Beauty and Holistic Therapist, Jennifer takes pride in offering outstanding service. She is especially good at Remedial Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and is a qualified and trained Back Pain Specialist.



Experienced therapist, offers Sports massage aswell as all beauty treatments. 



Pyschic, Medium, Clairvoyant. Uses her Tarot cards to connect to her Clairvoyance and Mediumship skills, she works with Angel cards and she is also our spiritual healer. Esther will be offering courses on Pyschic awareness.



Gail is our residential Hair Extension technician. Qualified in Micro-weft, Nano-weft and Hair Extension Removals



Divine Healing at no cost


Supernatural manifestation of the Holy Spirit that miraculously brings healing and deliverence from inner and outer conflicts which can cause painful emotions that, when held inside, damage the spirit of the person.

Emotions like fear, anger, resentment, anxiety, grief, and humiliation wear one out if they are not resolved. Since life must go on, they often get pushed down into the human spirit where they continiue their work beneath the level of consciousness. The spirit becomes the dumping ground for the emotions. There we hold the hurtful things and go on with life....or at least we try to. Eventually, we adjust to having these things buried and life becomes fairly normal on the outside, but trouble rages beneath the surface.



Is qualifed in level 2 and level three beauty therpy. Which includes swedish massage, microdermabrasion, hot stone massage and body scrub. She is specialized in shallac and waxing.






Your care in our hands