Hair Extensions

Give yourself the long beautiful hair you have always wanted

There are many different types of hair extensions to choose from.


Hair extensions are available Tuesdays & Wednesdays.


Monofibre Hair Extensions

Monofibre hair has been used by top London Stylist hairdressers for the last 35 years. The hair does not tangle, it is much lighter than human hair. There are no rings or glues or any objects used. The hair is just simply weaved with your own hair and heat tool applied to seal the monofibre hair to your own hair. You can also swim/sunbathe either in the sea or a swimming pool with these extensions. These can also be used with fine/weaker hair as the monofibre hair is very light in weight and does not cause tension. The hair is not dyed so will not dry out, styling as normal is fine but with curling or straightening this must be done on a low–medium heat.


Monofibre hair MUST be used with Monofibre products which we are supplied by us from our specialized supplier. If any other products are used, this WILL damage the extensions.

We tailor our prices to suit the individual person.


Prices start from £300
Maintanence £50 per hour



Human Hair Extensions


Our hair is all good quality and custom made.


We offer a free consultation, but require 50% deposit prior to fitting.


Abbie is our residential hair extension technician. She is very friendly and bubbly person, who loves her role as hair extension technician with a passion. She will be able to advise and guide you towards the best hair extensions to suit your needs. Our hair extension methods are Micro weft and Micro rings.


Micro weft 

Virgin Russian Remy hair is very strong high quality hair, which means less shedding and a longer life span with a healthy glossy shine. Used by celebrities, it does not tangle with your own hair, leaving your own hair in good condition. Virgin Remy Russian hair is applied by weft method. 


Full head virgin Russian Remy hair - £555
Half head virgin Russian Remy hair - £320


Micro rings

Micro rings are lightweight 3-5 mm metal rings which are applied to your own hair. No heat, adhesives or chemicals are used so this method is also non damaging, best for people with thick dark hair. Removal is quick, easy and relaxing. These can last up to 3-4 months and should be maintaned every 4-6 weeks. 

Ranging from 16in to 20in in length.

Application approximately 4-5 hours. 

Half head application 2-3 hours.


There are two other less expensive options to choose from. One is non Remy hair; the other is Remy hair. They still look natural. Non Remy can last up to 12 months and Remy up to 24 months if cared for properly with reccomended aftercare.

Full head Indian Remy hair 18" Micro ring - £285
Half head Indian Remy hair 18" Micro ring - £200

Full head Virgin Remy Brazillian hair 16" Micro ring - £365
Half head Virgin Remy Brazillian hair 16" Micro ring - £250

Full head Virgin Brazillian hair 16" Micro ring - £285
Half head Virgin Brazillian hair 16" Micro ring - £200

Fitting with your own hair provided full head - £100


Maintenance & Removal


Maintenance is available for £50 per method. This is advised every 4-6 weeks after fitting. We currently offer extensions on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

We also offer removal of your hair extenions for the following:


- Micro rings
- Micro weft

Full head is £50, Half head is £30

Simply call us on 0117 930 4464 or use our contact form.