male grooming

Facials for men;


Algologie Express Facials (25 mins) - £20

Algologie Luxury choc facials (1 hour)- £40


Male Waxing;


Back Wax - £20 (20 mins)

Chest Wax- £20 (20 mins)

Forearm - £10 (15mins)

Full arm - £15 (20 mins)

Underarm - £10 (10mins)

Half Leg - £15 (30 mins)

Full Leg - £20 (45mins)

Brazilian - £25 (45mins)

Hollywood - £30 (60mins)
Full Body Wax - £200 (3-4 hours)

Buttocks- £20



Massage Treatments;


Lomi Lomi Massage 

A connecting massage that flows from one area to another, this relaxing massage is a great way of releasing tension and helping eliminate toxins as well as stimulating blood flow. 



Aromatherapy Massage


A very light relaxing massage, the therapist will use blended essential oils to suit you, this can help with varius health problems including Headaches, sinus problems and sleeping disorders.  


Swedish Massage


A relaxing Massage with deeper pressure, working areas to suit you.


Hot Stones


This is a great technique incorporated with hot stones to penatrate heat into the muscles which helps relieve muscluar pain.


Deep Tissue Massage/ Sports Massage 


We offer sports massage and deep tissue massage where we can assess what treatments is best for you, and possibly where your pain is coming from. We can then treat you as necessary. 


30 Minutes - £30

60 Minutes- £50

90 Minutes- £80

2 hrs - £100